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Image of Kanjana

Day 1: Breathe

Kanjana Hartshorne guides Extended Exhale

Image of Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa

Day 2: Cleanse

Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa's Seasonal Recipes

Image of Courtney Gable

Day 3: Clear

Courtney Gable facilitates a Clearing Body Scan

Image of Andrea Durham

Day 4: Connect

Andrea Durham highlights 15 Ways to Connect

Image of Gina Clark

Day 5: Create

Gina Clark grants you a Creative Stimulus Package

Image of Monica Guzman

Day 6: Do

Monica Guzman's Stand Out Tips for LinkedIn

Image of Brighid Murphy

Day 7: Intuit

Brighid Murphy facilitates Opening Intuition

Image of Manjot Singh Khalsa

Day 8: Meditate

Manjot Singh Khalsa offers a Mini Gong Bath

Image of Karina Fireheart

Day 9: Move

Karina Fireheart shares Ways to Release Tension

Image of Tyx Xyt Abel

Day 10: Nourish

Tyx Xyt Abel's Lessons From Green Beans

Image of MP

Day 11: Rest

Marina Patrice Vare guides a 61-point Body Rotation

Image of Jeanette Ladores

Day 12: Strengthen

Jeanette Ladores offers Tips for Alignment and Core

Image of Gururaj Singh Khalsa

Day 13: Stretch

Gururaj Singh Khalsa gives Two Yoga Practice Tips

Image of Michael David Battle

Day 14: Think

Michael David Battle is Decolonizing Our Minds